Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Have a Winner...

well actually, we have TWO! Amber was so sweet to calculate all of the entries for the Quilting for Babes giveaways and use a random number generator to select the winners. So...here goes!

The first was #73, Jeanette and the second #232, Mel. You both should have gotten an e-mail already, Amber and I are both excited to get busy on the winnings!

I'm sure that all of you that read my blog know how grateful I am to everyone that has participated in this project. I have said it over and over again. But I'll say it again, THANK YOU so much for your generosity, the kind words you have said and written, the prayers and well wishes you have extended on our behalf. Amber and I both could not be more appreciative to you all.

My family and a few friends and participants are going to be going to the hospital to deliver the quilts, sleepers and some goodies for the staff on Lawson's birthday, July 16. However, this project will not be ending. It will be an ongoing project here in Winnipeg, and I have also decided to "pass the torch" along to another person, in another city who would like to get something similar started. If this interest you, please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail. I would love to chat with you about how to go about it!

Congrats to our winners...

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LJ said...

My birthday is July 17. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a baby born on that day recieved my quilt?