Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Lu Lu Belle

I am a couple of days late...her birthday was Saturday, and we had her party that afternoon. A Strawberry Shortcake party, which she LOVED! I really can not believe that my little girl is THREE already. Where does the time go?

She said that her favorite part of the whole party was the cake. She gets it honest, that's my favorite part too. There is nothing that I like better about birthdays than a yellow/white cake with vanilla buttercream icing. It makes me smile. Seeing my baby girl enjoying it so much makes me smile too.

There wasn't too much to her birthday outfit, I just made a simple twirl skirt in red/white polka dots with a white ruffle on the bottom and a strawberry shirt with an iron-on transfer from Dharma absolute favorite transfer paper. I have used a couple of different ones for various projects, and the "blue back" soft transfer from Dharma is by far the best I've come across.

I'll share more about the t-shirt and other aspects of the party in a post later this week that will correspond to the Hybrid Project post I'm doing for the Shabby Princess team blog on Friday.

So, to my sweet LuLu Belle (Nalley), so glad you had the happiest of birthdays!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Do for my LIttle Dude

He's no longer "the Donald", he doesn't look like a little old man with a bad toupee anymore. He's all grown up with a big boy haircut. I CAN NOT believe how much it changed his appearance, and how he doesn't look like a baby anymore. Maybe it's not that drastic to anyone else, but it has just shocked me! I'm SO not ready for him to grow up.

This picture really doesn't show it, but with his new haircut, he's the SPITTING IMAGE of his twin cousins, my brother's kids.

We took him to the "Hair Do Zoo" a place for kids to get their hair cut. I really didn't want to be the one cutting his hair, so that I could take some pictures, but after we coughed up $21, I will most certainly be cutting the kids hair from now on...can I just get up on a soap box for a minute and say how INSANE that is....$21 for an 11 month old's haircut. I mean, he hardly had anything of substance to cut...just some unruly toupee-ish baby hair. Anyway, check it out...he's pretty cute!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring Tea and "The Donald"

Last Thursday our family had the real honor of attending a Spring Tea at the Country Villas in East St. Paul. One of the ladies in the community, Mel (who was actually the winner of my giveaway), brought me a gorgeous full-size hand stitched baby quilt, just a few days after the article ran in the Free Press. She told me that she belonged to the quilting group at the Country Villas and she would see if they were interested in making some quilts for my Quilting for Babes project.
They were a little more than willing to help, in fact they made a goal for themselves to see if they could make 30 quilts in 30 days...turns out, they made 60 quilts in 30 days. There were a few honorary quilters, who are in fact, not quilters at all, but hand-stitched the bindings on as fast as the other ladies could put the quilts together. Two of them were over 80 years old, one of those being Mel's mom. Another of the ladies, who says she is not a quilter, made over a dozen of the quilts, all on her own...I'd say she's now officially a quilter, huh?

This wonderful group of ladies asked our family to be their guests of honor at their Spring Tea. As we entered the doors of the clubhouse, we were greeted by a gorgeous display of the 60 quilts along with a copy of the article from the paper. They treated us like royalty, doting over the kids, making us all feel so special.

In addition to the 60 quilts, as if that weren't enough...the ladies raised over $400 to purchase sleepers and supplies. One of the ladies collected donations in lieu of gifts at her husband's 70th birthday party recently. Another of the ladies, made a sold tea towels for the fridge and oven to raise money. Several of these ladies also pooled their fabric so that the others would have plenty to work with. Needless to say, the generosity that was shown just astounded me. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that something that was born in my heart, something that I feel such a strong connection to, has been embrassed by so many others.

The kids were so excited to eat the little tea sandwiches and dainties, and girls were both given some beautiful handmade jewelry. It was such a fun day!
Edited to add: Mel and Pat just dropped off the quilts and there are 64, not! They really rock! Also, not all of the ladies of the quilting group are in the pictures above. I have some pics of their whole group that I will add soon.

Now, we'd like to introduce "the Donald"...doesn't it look like he's wearing a really bad toupee?
He looks just like Donald Trump...Shayne often sings "Money, money, money, money"...from the Apprentice. If only baby Lawson had a fraction of "the Donald's" fortune, we'd be set for college funds...LOL! Maybe we should enter him into a celebrity look alike contest, then he could start earning some of that college tuition...just kidding!

He's wearing Shayne's medals from his Taekwondoe competition on Saturday. He won silver in the patterns portion, and gold in the sparring portion. We were lucky enough to see him win his fights, and be able to cheer him on. Maybel also competed in the pattern portion of the competition and won silver as well. We're proud of them both!

Seriously, he is not old enough to be drinking a smoothie from a straw he? Wasn't he just born last month... No, I am really struggling with the fact that my sweet baby boy is growing up, FAST! He crawls, and climbs, he eats what we eat, drinks what we drink, including smoothies, and milk. Really, how does this happen. It isn't fair that I can't hang on to all of the sweet baby stages, for just a moment longer. I am so torn between looking forward to the freedom and independance that age brings, and the desire to keep rocking my baby, kissing his sweet cheeks and hair, and tickling his little toes and tummy. Why does it have to disappear so quickly, all the while having those "rough" days that seem to drag.

For today, and as long as I can, I will just choose to cherish those rough days, knowing that all too soon, I'll be wishing for just a few more days at this age to kiss them both!

Sweet, sweet baby boy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

She's a DECADE Old! goodness, how time flies (well somedays drag by...). Ten years ago today, my beautiful Maybel was born. She came into my life when she was four, but really somedays I have to remind myself that I didn't give birth to her myself. She is one AMAZING little girl.

I really meant to get this posted yesterday, on her actual birthday, but as usual, life with 2 little ones through me a couple of curve balls. I also had Maybel's party to prepare for, a post to complete at the Shabby Princess's blog...etc...

About the party...can you believe that I did not take one picture. I pulled the camera out, but with all of the activity and a clingy baby in my arms, I didn't get the lens cap off. Regardless, it was so much fun for all of the girls.

Maybel had a "World Vision" party where she asked her friends to bring donations to World Vision in lieu of gifts. Seriously, there aren't many 10 year olds out there that have a heart like this. I don't mean to brag, maybe there are lots of 10 year olds like that...but my girl really does have a HUGE heart for others. She is so compassionate and thoughtful, and really enjoyed raising money for WV. It was also really great to see her friends at the party get excited to find out how much money they collectively donated, and at the end were trying to figure out how many chickens and bunnies, and goats...etc, could be bought with the money. In total, Maybel raised $205 before her Dad's and my donation. We are going to sit down with her to figure out exactly what she wants to put it towards and then help her meet her goals.

My heart is full knowing that my step-daughter thinks beyond herself, wanting to make life better for people in developing countries who have so little. I hope that she will remain comitted to these kinds of charitable acts.
These pictures are about 6 months overdue. I made this quilt for Maybel for Christmas last year and can you believe have never posted any pics of them. This was supposed to be her Christmas present in 2008, and I didn't get it done. Then it was supposed to be her birthday present in 2009, and I was so miserable and pregnant that I again didn't get it done. So...only a year later...I got it finished up. And now 6 months after that, I took a picture of it and blogged it...nothing like being timely!

I used a Lila Tueller Soiree layer cake for this quilt and tried my hand at the disappearing nine patch. It was easy and fun, I have had another quilt in the works for a L-O-N-G time and have planned to do it in the same pattern. My Heather Bailey Freshcut fat quarters have been cut for almost 2 years...not to mention all of the Pop Garden and Bijoux I bought for our king sized bed quilt...and the Nicey Jane that Shayne bought me that I don't even have p lans I'm bad. After QFB, our bed quilt is top priority!