Monday, June 21, 2010

New Do for my LIttle Dude

He's no longer "the Donald", he doesn't look like a little old man with a bad toupee anymore. He's all grown up with a big boy haircut. I CAN NOT believe how much it changed his appearance, and how he doesn't look like a baby anymore. Maybe it's not that drastic to anyone else, but it has just shocked me! I'm SO not ready for him to grow up.

This picture really doesn't show it, but with his new haircut, he's the SPITTING IMAGE of his twin cousins, my brother's kids.

We took him to the "Hair Do Zoo" a place for kids to get their hair cut. I really didn't want to be the one cutting his hair, so that I could take some pictures, but after we coughed up $21, I will most certainly be cutting the kids hair from now on...can I just get up on a soap box for a minute and say how INSANE that is....$21 for an 11 month old's haircut. I mean, he hardly had anything of substance to cut...just some unruly toupee-ish baby hair. Anyway, check it out...he's pretty cute!

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CitricSugar said...

My mum cut our hair as kids and cut my dad's hair for years! She took a little night class on kids's cuts that the local hair school put on for mums - maybe they offer something similar in your area...

He is so stinkin' cute.