Friday, June 4, 2010

She's a DECADE Old! goodness, how time flies (well somedays drag by...). Ten years ago today, my beautiful Maybel was born. She came into my life when she was four, but really somedays I have to remind myself that I didn't give birth to her myself. She is one AMAZING little girl.

I really meant to get this posted yesterday, on her actual birthday, but as usual, life with 2 little ones through me a couple of curve balls. I also had Maybel's party to prepare for, a post to complete at the Shabby Princess's blog...etc...

About the party...can you believe that I did not take one picture. I pulled the camera out, but with all of the activity and a clingy baby in my arms, I didn't get the lens cap off. Regardless, it was so much fun for all of the girls.

Maybel had a "World Vision" party where she asked her friends to bring donations to World Vision in lieu of gifts. Seriously, there aren't many 10 year olds out there that have a heart like this. I don't mean to brag, maybe there are lots of 10 year olds like that...but my girl really does have a HUGE heart for others. She is so compassionate and thoughtful, and really enjoyed raising money for WV. It was also really great to see her friends at the party get excited to find out how much money they collectively donated, and at the end were trying to figure out how many chickens and bunnies, and goats...etc, could be bought with the money. In total, Maybel raised $205 before her Dad's and my donation. We are going to sit down with her to figure out exactly what she wants to put it towards and then help her meet her goals.

My heart is full knowing that my step-daughter thinks beyond herself, wanting to make life better for people in developing countries who have so little. I hope that she will remain comitted to these kinds of charitable acts.
These pictures are about 6 months overdue. I made this quilt for Maybel for Christmas last year and can you believe have never posted any pics of them. This was supposed to be her Christmas present in 2008, and I didn't get it done. Then it was supposed to be her birthday present in 2009, and I was so miserable and pregnant that I again didn't get it done. So...only a year later...I got it finished up. And now 6 months after that, I took a picture of it and blogged it...nothing like being timely!

I used a Lila Tueller Soiree layer cake for this quilt and tried my hand at the disappearing nine patch. It was easy and fun, I have had another quilt in the works for a L-O-N-G time and have planned to do it in the same pattern. My Heather Bailey Freshcut fat quarters have been cut for almost 2 years...not to mention all of the Pop Garden and Bijoux I bought for our king sized bed quilt...and the Nicey Jane that Shayne bought me that I don't even have p lans I'm bad. After QFB, our bed quilt is top priority!


CarolaD said...

That's such a sweet, caring, thoughtful thing to do for one's birthday! I agree! Your daughter is quite unique. We have given World Vision gifts at Christmas and also have a World Vision foster child that we support, but as adults, we understand the need for that. You are certainly raising her right! Happy belated birthday to you, Maybel.

Kristie said...

Happy birthday, Maybel! She really is a special girl. Hope she had a wonderful day, and a blast at her party!