Friday, July 16, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Party

When Nalley started playing with Strawberry Shortcake stuff this year, I was in my glory. I still have all of my Strawberry Shortcake dolls...and they STILL smell. I played with them for HOURS at a time when I was little, and so does she. So, I just HAD to throw her a Strawberry Shortcake party. I promised myself I wouldn't go over board, I would keep it simple...all 3 of our kids have birthdays within 6 weeks of each other, and this year is Lawson's big FIRST birthday party. It was the least stressful party I have EVER planned. The food was simple, there were NO planned activities, and I was happy...and when Momma's happy, everybody's happy!

Strawberry Invitation 2 copy

When I started planning the party, I just KNEW that I had to use these A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E strawberry boxes from the Shabby Princess's XOXO Confection Collection. Now I did alter them slightly, in that I enlarged them to be as big as I could. I cut them on my Cricut Expression...what a DREAM! It was soooo simple, and they were just perfect!

Strawberry Invitation1 copy

I filled them with strawberry and cream flavored jelly beans in a cello bag, then tied them up with a length of white grosgrain ribbon. With the leftover scraps from the strawberry box, I punched some scalloped circles. I layered the scalloped circles with some green cardstock and added a cute strawberry on top of that. I attached them to a simple folded 2x2 invitation that I printed off on the computer, and have a really cute invitation.

I hand delivered these invitations, as I couldn't (and wouldn't have wanted to) send them through the mail. I opted to make these the invitations instead of the favors because it wouldn't require as many, and I wanted a really unique invitation...mission accomplished!

Strawberry Outfit copy

Of course Nalley had to have a cute strawberry outfit to wear on her special day, so I used the same digital papers from the strawberry box, from the Shabby Princess Sweetie Pie collection, to create an iron on transfer for a plain white shirt. I made a REALLY simple twirl skirt and matching headband in a cute red and white polka dot (have I told you how much I L-O-V-E polka dots?) fabric. It really couldn't get much simpler than that. Oh, and there isn't a picture of it, but the white shirt was too long, and detracted from the skirt, so the morning of the party, I came up with a really easy solution. I covered a button in the red/white polka dot fabric, and attached it to a white pony tail elastic and tied up the shirt in the back. It gave the shirt a kind of gathered look to the front and was really cute in back. I LIKE EASY!

Strawberry Outfit 2 copy

I like the old strawberry shortcake better, this is the new one...but it's all they had in the way of plates at the party, that's what we had.

SS Plate copy

Again, I went simple on the loot bags, a coloring book, crayons, some strawberry candies, a party blower, and that was it!

SS Loot Bags copy

The table needed something more, so the morning of the party, I used some of the leftover papers I'd printed for the strawberry box invitations, and punched some large scalloped circles. I cut out a "3" on the cricut in pink and a shadow in red cardstock and attached them to the circles. I then adhered them onto bamboo skewers that I cut to size, stuck them in a champagne glass filled with leftover jelly beans and tied some ribbons on. I put one on either side of the veggie tray and it added a cute little decoration. Again, simple!

Table copy3 Pick copy

I covered some strawberries in white and milk chocolate the day before, made some mini strawberry muffins the morning of and the rest was hot dogs, chips, veggies, and then of course cake and ice cream.

 Chocolate Covered Strawberries copy

I found this cute panel at the fabric store for $4. I saw it a while before and didn't buy it, then the week of it was still there, so I took it as a sign that I was supposed to do something with it. I cut a piece of pink Kona cotton for the back, and hand tied it (I've never tied a quilt was fun) with red crochet cotton and machine bound it with the same pink Kona. It was easy and cute. Nalley sat on it while she opened her presents. And she loves it!

SS Quilt copy

She had fun opening her gifts, but was a little overwhelmed I think. The sweetest thing though, was that she said her favorite part of the whole day was the cake! Mine too...the apple (or strawberry, if you will) doesn't fall far from the vine.

Presents copy

Cake copy

Here she is enjoying her favorite part of the day...the cake!  Life is sweet!

Eating Cake copy

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Nanda said...

Kathy, I just can't get over how creative you are! I loved seeing all the things you made to prepare for Nalley's party. She must have really felt special that day.

Lisa said...

I love the strawberry boxes. I am little confused on how to assemble. How did you use your Cricut--is it a cartridge?

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