Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soli Deo Gloria

To God be the Glory.

After reading an e-mail signed “Soli Deo Gloria”…I immediately googled for a translation.  I melted into a puddle and wept.

I received a comment on my blog this week from the mother of a baby that had received a Quilting for Babes quilt and sleeper from the IMCN.  She asked for my address so that she could send a proper thank you and picture.  I eagerly obliged, and also got the following e-mail from her.  I know all who have participated and followed this project will be equally as touched as I was…

“Hi Kathy,
M***** is our second living preemie.  She was born on June 18th via an emergency c-section because the Drs. found that my uterus was rupturing.  She is a miracle...a few hours more inutero or Drs. that weren't really on top of things medically and she would not be here with us.  We are blessed.  I am so thankful to God for allowing her to stay here with us.
M***** is our 3 1/2 year old who was a 30 week preemie...he is excited to see his sister wear the cupcake sleeper that we received from you!  (No dull moments with him!)
We have two daughters waiting for us in heaven.  M***** was 28 weeks gestation when she had the world's first inutero open-heart surgery at Stanford University...she did not survive the surgery.  A***** died at 35 weeks when my uterus ruptured without warning.  There were years of tears...  So thankful that we are blessed with two living children :)
Thanks for your time and energy in making the quilts.  They are beautiful!
Soli Deo Gloria, T***** and A****”

I see a family with amazing perspective, gratitude to a loving God who is surely getting all the Glory from their situation.  My heart breaks for their years of tears, and rejoices for their 2 little miracles. 

Soli Deo Gloria.

IMG_7012 My inspiration.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jocelyne’s Quilt

I have blogged about Joce numerous times.  She is one of those gems of a friend, the kind that everyone wants to have.  Our story starts almost 6 years ago.  She is one of the very first people I met after moving here to Winnipeg.  She and her husband Travis (love him too) were neighbors of Shayne’s before I moved here.  We invited them over for dinner a couple of weeks after I moved in, and I hit it off with them immediately.  Joce and I are so much alike, interested in so many of the same things, etc…  In fact, we have an “imaginary business” together.  One that likely won’t be realized for a few years yet, but it is in the works.

IMG_7152 copy

I am only a few weeks older than Jocelyne, and we always celebrate our birthdays together.  She has talked about me making her a quilt for a couple of years, and I have always said I would, but never have…what a friend, right?

I recently made her 2 year old a small quilt, but couldn’t spill the beans that I also had one in the works for her 35th.  I bought this fabric a loooong time ago, and loved it.  It is was a layer cake in Moda’s Arcadia by Sanae.  I also bought some yardage for binding and such.  I picked these fabrics for her because her birthday is in the fall…and I just liked them.  I kinda made up the pattern as I went…because it didn’t go as I originally planned…LOL!

IMG_7166 copy

I pieced the back with a few of the leftover blocks and some of the additional prints I bought, and I think I like the back equally as much as I like the top.  I just love white in a quilt.  I quilted it with simple vertical lines following quarter inch away from either side of the seams.  The quilting is soooo not perfect, but neither am I, and Joce loves me for me…so I’m sure the imperfections will just add to its character for her as well.

IMG_7168 copy

Over all I was quite pleased and mostly, just happy I got it finished before her actual birthday on the 27th…yay me!  I hope she and her family will get lots of good cuddle time in with this quilt.  It couldn’t go to a sweeter girl!

Thanks to my hubby for patiently being my quilt holder!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


First let me say that this is a PICTURE HEAVY post.  I have been absent for quite some time now, and a LOT has happened.  We have been enduring a rather large personal “storm”…one that has shaken us down.  I don’t talk about my faith much on this blog, not because I am ashamed of it, quite the opposite, I prefer that my life be the example.  I prefer not to be “preached” to by my peers, I go to church to hear that from our pastor…so in turn, I try to keep my “preachy-ness” to a minimum.  However, I also feel that it is my obligation to give credit where credit is due…and our family would likely not have made it through this time in our lives with out a very real and personal relationship with God.
Our family has been under attack.  I believe with all my heart that Satan has been on a war path to destroy us, but he has not been successful…and we are stronger than ever because of the strength that God has given us.  We are imperfect and don’t always make the right decisions, but we are seeking to do the right things, to live our lives with dignity and respect, with integrity and honor…and it is my sincere hope that all who know us (either in our “real” lives or through our blogs and businesses) would see that lived out.  Enough about that.
So…during the “height” of our personal crisis…I ended up in the hospital with a bout of “female” pain.

While I was in the hospital, I sent Shayne home to be with the kids because our week of personal drama had affected them.  About an hour later, I heard Shayne and Nalley walking down the hall…so I thought to visit me.  Instead, Nalley was my brave neighbor in the room across the hall…she fell and split her chin wide open and needed to have it closed up.  They gave us the option of stitches or glue, knowing that if the glue didn't work, they would HAVE to give her stitches.  We opted for glue and thankfully it worked.  She was SOOO brave, and such a trooper.  That was 3 weeks ago today, and it is healing nicely.  She will have a scar there, but not bad.
Nalley started preschool on the 16th…so we made cupcakes to take to “Meet the Teacher” night.  I also made cupcake boxes and decorated them in an apple/school theme.  They were cute and Nalley had fun baking and decorating with me.
Bun Bun (Nalley’s lovie) has been more comfort to Nalley recently than ever.  There have been lots of changes (mostly all of them positive), but new things require some extra love and attention.  If you notice, she is in the pack-n-play, or as we call it “baby jail”…our place for Lawson when we have to get something done.  She loves being in there with him and they surprisingly will play together in it for an hour or so at a time…go figure!
Now really…have you EVER seen a cuter face???  He is so busy, and so rotten, and INTO EVERYTHING lately, but when he flashes that toothy grin, all of that doesn’t matter…in fact…nothing else in the world matters other than attempting to get a baby kiss…  If you are successful, it is usually promptly followed by a slap in the face…don’t ask me where he got that from, we’re thinking it’s just being a 14 month old little BOY!
Nalley on her FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL…*hack…choke…tear*…I cannot believe it, it makes my stomach hurt.  But no, I haven’t missed her yet, I’m just happy to have a break from all of the incessant “WHY” questions…I am having a really hard time answering some of them…and hearing them all the time too.  Besides, she’s having so much FUN, hardly looks back to see me or wave.
Baby Lawson had to get in on the first day pics…athough he was off and at it soon after.
His first few steps, since then, he’s become an official walker…such a big boy!
Mommy and Daddy each got their pics in with Nalley at her school on the first day.
Standing in line against the wall waiting for her teachers.
And now, for some crafty fun!  An apron I made for our next door neighbor who is the sweetest person.  She just found out that her brain tumor has returned…for the 4th time.  She is only 30, and quite devastated…we love her so much and I wanted to do something to let her know we were thinking of her.  She loves to bake and I thought a cute apron would be just the ticket to cheer her up.

Some trick-or-treating bags I made for the little kids with some ADORABLE Riley Blake “Boo to You” fabric.  Mindy Terasawa is one of my FAV digital designers and I was so happy that they made this fabric out of her kit.  Yes, I do have the kit and I am (and already have) used it for some other halloween treat stuff…I will post that stuff soon…
I hand embroidered their names (only my second attempt at that).  I found a really cute font that looked kid-ish and modified it a bit.
Over all I was quite pleased and can’t wait for them to use them.
I used the same Keyka Lou pattern to make the Halloween bags, as I had used to make this bag a couple of months ago.  If you haven’t used any of her patterns, they are GREAT!  I have bought several of them, and love them.  With the one below, I modified the handles and made them a little longer.  I used a dish cloth from a pack I bought at Costco a while back to make some market bags…I still haven’t made anymore with all that has been going on, but I am planning on it.  These bags are roomy and sturdy and soo cute!  Someone stopped me in the grocery store recently to ask about it, I was so pleased!
I have been on a quilting streak lately.  3 baby quilts complete (only 2 pictured here) and another lap quilt for one of my best friend’s 35th birthday…happy birthday on Monday Jocelyne (I’ll show the others soon)!
Love this Riley Blake Wheels line…made another top for a drag around for Lawson, but others have taken priority, so it’s still just a top.  Don’t you love the label…matches so perfectly (used some Shabby Princess stuff…Smarshmallows and Things That Go).  I used my favorite iron on transfer from Dharma Trading on some white Kona cotton to make the label.
Another one for Brooke…Terine’s (another of my dear friends) daughter just turned ONE and had to have a cute quilt.  Terine is Jocelyne’s sister-in-law, and they have adopted my Southern self.  Great friends make the best “family”, especially when yours is so far away!
There is lots more to catch up on…I still haven’t posted Lawson’s birthday party pictures…from TWO months ago.  I am terrible…but busy.  If you’ve made it to the end of this post after all that rambling…and actually want to come back…I’ll post some of the other pics this week…I hope!