Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jocelyne’s Quilt

I have blogged about Joce numerous times.  She is one of those gems of a friend, the kind that everyone wants to have.  Our story starts almost 6 years ago.  She is one of the very first people I met after moving here to Winnipeg.  She and her husband Travis (love him too) were neighbors of Shayne’s before I moved here.  We invited them over for dinner a couple of weeks after I moved in, and I hit it off with them immediately.  Joce and I are so much alike, interested in so many of the same things, etc…  In fact, we have an “imaginary business” together.  One that likely won’t be realized for a few years yet, but it is in the works.

IMG_7152 copy

I am only a few weeks older than Jocelyne, and we always celebrate our birthdays together.  She has talked about me making her a quilt for a couple of years, and I have always said I would, but never have…what a friend, right?

I recently made her 2 year old a small quilt, but couldn’t spill the beans that I also had one in the works for her 35th.  I bought this fabric a loooong time ago, and loved it.  It is was a layer cake in Moda’s Arcadia by Sanae.  I also bought some yardage for binding and such.  I picked these fabrics for her because her birthday is in the fall…and I just liked them.  I kinda made up the pattern as I went…because it didn’t go as I originally planned…LOL!

IMG_7166 copy

I pieced the back with a few of the leftover blocks and some of the additional prints I bought, and I think I like the back equally as much as I like the top.  I just love white in a quilt.  I quilted it with simple vertical lines following quarter inch away from either side of the seams.  The quilting is soooo not perfect, but neither am I, and Joce loves me for me…so I’m sure the imperfections will just add to its character for her as well.

IMG_7168 copy

Over all I was quite pleased and mostly, just happy I got it finished before her actual birthday on the 27th…yay me!  I hope she and her family will get lots of good cuddle time in with this quilt.  It couldn’t go to a sweeter girl!

Thanks to my hubby for patiently being my quilt holder!


Kristie said...

This is a beauty, Kathy :-)

Nice to see some of the stuff that you have been working on, it is all great! said... like this post. welcome back.

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