Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soli Deo Gloria

To God be the Glory.

After reading an e-mail signed “Soli Deo Gloria”…I immediately googled for a translation.  I melted into a puddle and wept.

I received a comment on my blog this week from the mother of a baby that had received a Quilting for Babes quilt and sleeper from the IMCN.  She asked for my address so that she could send a proper thank you and picture.  I eagerly obliged, and also got the following e-mail from her.  I know all who have participated and followed this project will be equally as touched as I was…

“Hi Kathy,
M***** is our second living preemie.  She was born on June 18th via an emergency c-section because the Drs. found that my uterus was rupturing.  She is a miracle...a few hours more inutero or Drs. that weren't really on top of things medically and she would not be here with us.  We are blessed.  I am so thankful to God for allowing her to stay here with us.
M***** is our 3 1/2 year old who was a 30 week preemie...he is excited to see his sister wear the cupcake sleeper that we received from you!  (No dull moments with him!)
We have two daughters waiting for us in heaven.  M***** was 28 weeks gestation when she had the world's first inutero open-heart surgery at Stanford University...she did not survive the surgery.  A***** died at 35 weeks when my uterus ruptured without warning.  There were years of tears...  So thankful that we are blessed with two living children :)
Thanks for your time and energy in making the quilts.  They are beautiful!
Soli Deo Gloria, T***** and A****”

I see a family with amazing perspective, gratitude to a loving God who is surely getting all the Glory from their situation.  My heart breaks for their years of tears, and rejoices for their 2 little miracles. 

Soli Deo Gloria.

IMG_7012 My inspiration.


Kristie said...

So lovely :-)

Anonymous said...

You're my inspiration honey, what an amazing woman you are! We are so blessed to have you in our lives...

Love you,

Amber said...

Amazing - I keep thinking we need to do a re-cap on the Quilting for Babes...and I have a few quilts here that still need to get done!

Party of 5 said...

Oh Kathy...
You are amazing...and your talents run so deep.
I am struggling to find God's plan for my life -- yours is so clear. You have touched so many lives.

BTW -- that quilt you made (previous post) is GORGEOUS. If I had half your energy and talent :)

Roberta Prostor said...

Hi Kathy - There's something about Soli Deo Gloria that draws me in too from the first time I ever heard those words. I have a prayer room in my house with that painted on my walls. I also have Soli Deo Gloria Clay website - glorifying God through my polymer clay creations. I found your site Googling Soli Deo Gloria - so happy I found it. It is wonderful!
Roberta Prostor
Bert's Clay Creations said... like this post. welcome back.

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