Friday, February 18, 2011

New Look, New Beginning

It has been so long since I last posted, not because there is any shortage of news in my fact there has been an ABUNDANCE of drama.  But I have a new look on my blog today...and it is a new beginning in our lives.

The main purpose of this blog as it began was to keep all of my friends and family back home up to date of the goings on in our busy life here in Canada.  It has progressed to include a great deal more of my creative side and the goings on of my business, Magnolia Designs and my quilting and scrapbooking hobbies.  As such, I have tried to keep the details of our personal affairs to a minimum, since it is a public forum and lots of the people that visit I do not know at all.

However, since I do still try and keep my peeps up to date, I do share some of our personal story.  So I should update the blog to include that on New Years Day, my husband Shayne decided to leave our marriage.  That desicion as well as some of the other details of the story came as quite a shock to our family.  We have been trying to deal with these circumstances with dignity and honor, so I will not share any other information.  The kids and I are doing very well, all things considered.  We have an AMAZING group of friends and family here and back home that have held us up in our weakest moments.  Were it not for this wonderful group of people and the love and strength of our MIGHTY GOD, I don't know where we would be right now. 

We carry on...the blog will continue, although likely at irregular as a single parent is B-U-S-Y to say the least.