Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Smiles

The last year has not seen too many blog posts, as my life has been upside down, and finding a new normal has been a challenge at times.  I miss blogging, more than that, I miss crafting and creating and having fun things to blog about.

Although it isn't crafty in nature, I certainly have something...or blog about.  I wear a big smile around these days, largely due to how happy I am when I'm around Jason.  An amazing guy, with an amazing set of beliefs about life and how to live it with integrity and character.

Everyone that knows me knows how much I love to have fun.  There is no shortage of fun and laughter with Jason!  Paddle boating in November in Canada with a hat and mits...FUN!

Thinking back over the events of the last year and a half make me shake my head sometimes.  To think that life can go from one extreme to the other in such a short period of time is kinda crazy.  Then I look at the direction that my life is going with the kids now, and it gives me such a sense of accomplishment.   Great things happen when we put our energy into making them happen!